• Oliver Taylor

A Series: Legacy of the Empire and the Impact of it's Loss?

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

I can't help but think that given the legacy of racial oppression and white supremacy feelings of inefficacy and lack of fate control continue to persist, for PoC, even to this day.

It's not just you and I who might articulate these experiences. Some professionals study this too. The nationally and internationally renowned researcher, educator, author and presenter Dr Joy DeGruy has developed her own theory from 12 years of research.

She's called it post-traumatic slave syndrome (PTSS), which is a set of symptoms that are the result of multi-generational trauma. After a few hundred years of slavery, colonialism, slave codes, Jim Crow, apartheid, basically perfect racism in various forms in various places of white-male-dominated-power, the fate control and personal inefficacy is clearly what not just you and I, but PoC have experienced for generations past.

Other researchers have found that lack of fate control and personal inefficacy are linked with prolonged negative mood states, on-the-job stress and burnout (Maslach 1982) and inferior health and high mortality rate (C. Peterson, Vaillant & Seligman, 1985).

What's was happening to Blacks in the 1930s and persists today is summed up well by Dr Carter G. Woodson in his book 'The Miseducation of the Negro':

'When you control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. When you determine what a man shall think you do not have to concern yourself about what he will do. If you make a man feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status, for he will seek it himself. If you make a man think that he is justly an outcast, you do not have to order him to the back door. He will go without being told; and if there is no back door, his very nature will demand one.'

The way we understand history is going to determine how we attack the present and how we shape for the future - Ibram Kendi X.

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