• Oliver Taylor

A Warning to all the Faithful Men

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

B****h with fat legs, sounds demeaning, doesn’t it? It is, it’s a new term for a growing online culture, known as b***h culture and this is the post’s a warning for all faithful men.


Within the context of fat legs, what’s a b***h? I interpret it as a woman who sexually appeals to men (especially faithful men) with a selfish intent to screw them, take advantage of them; primarily uses them by any (usually sly) means necessary.

Fat legs? Self-explanatory really, a woman who struts around like she got ass, the best ass and legs in the God Dang world. She generally wears bare make-up; has probably had some cosmetic surgical enhancements; a fake tan; wears revealing athleisure (I do not hate on athleisure) and underboob crop tops all the time, and takes pics of herself (mostly her fat legs) and posts them on IG

Bitch with fat legs MO

Sex as many people as possible to gain power, wealth or some leverage, while being willing to scrap the bottom of any barrel to do it.

Why label them?

Because they’re dangerous to any man, who’s hooked up, especially in a long-term relationship. These girls get high off chasing faithful men.

“Don’t screw with any b***h with fat legs or she’ll screw you in more ways than one.”

So watch out, they’ll take you for all you have. These fat legged b****es dirty,

deluded devils. Especially those cry wolf b***s from back in the day *yeah, they’ve

been around for years). Who’d cry rape on any black man after he’d slept with her and she’d feel guilty because she already had a man (often husband) and doesn’t want anyone to find out the truth of her illicit encounter and so lies in court! We all know who had the power in court.

A great example

The 1940s Joseph Spell trial about an African-American chauffeur was accused of raping the wealthy white woman who was his boss, Eleanor Strubing (involving defence lawyer Thurgood Marshall who later became the first African-American Supreme Court justice).

They’ve just evolved since then… they’re all over social media enticing faithful men with their pay-to-subscribe fan sites.


Don’t screw with a b***h with fat legs or she’ll screw you in more ways than one.


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