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Fathers Can Be Heroes at Home

I had an idea for this blog. It came when I was emptying the pockets of dirty laundry before loading it into the washing machine. I felt heroic! After emptying each pocket I would say to myself "CLEAR." Sound familiar? I was emptying pockets like an army squad clearing a building. I always knew there was a bigger purpose to washing laundry. SWAT teams and armed forces teams have clearing room training. As you may have seen in the movies... members of each team shout "CLEAR" after entering a room and eliminating all targets (if there are any). So heroic... like stay at home dad on tour in the kitchen.  I guess I'm longing to be the hero, be the man, be brave! And then at home I wonder where the bravery is in doing housework? My bro, said being a stay-at -home-dad is "not [proper/real] work." I get where he's coming from. Yet, if my brother was a feminist he may have had a different opinion.  Maybe I need to man up? Get a 'real job'. Whatever that means. I think that's a male gender norm, the old primacy of work.  Anyway, another example of a  heroism at home happened the other day when I was at my son's parent and toddler group. I was rolling a hoop across the full length of the hall. I know right, full length! We're talking 60-70ft OF HALL. Hoo-rah! Anyway, after rolling it a couple of times towards some mum's at the other end of the hall, one mum had a look of awe. She beamed at me and amidst the bustle said something like, "wow, all that way!" I imagined her thinking "what an epic dad." Rolling hoops and emptying pockets, I'm self-impressed (someone has) even if you aren't... Would you watch a short film on stay at home dad kitchen heroics? "The Real Heroes (and Heroines) stay at Home." Either way, that's all the action I get as a stay-at-home-dad, clearing laundry like a SWAT squad and hooping it up like LeBron!

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