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Rappers to Royalty

Between Mayweather and Edward Fiennes de Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln (woo my hometown).

Everything right? No wait, they're both adorning bling!

Edward's wearing what's called a collar, which is "an ornate chain, often made of gold and enamel, and set with precious stones, which is worn about the neck as a symbol of membership in various chivalric orders." Likewise, Mayweather's wearing a golden chain. A one off? Not a trend?

Oh no, hold on, there's more

Here we have Boss Hog Outlawz's badge chain (estimated value $20,000).

Likewise, we have a similar looking chain. Collar and star of the Order of The Sword.

It gets better with Slick Rick who's sporting, amongst many, a golden bird on his chain.

Think that's bizarre? Check out the Order of the Elephant collar.

If that's been noble since its origins in the 15th century (officially existing since 1693). No doubt, Slick Rick's "Order of the Pheonix" can be today.  

A symbol of chivalry eh? Adorned by bygone noblemen and modern rappers, who'd have thought.

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