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Has Your Get-Up-and-Go Got-Up-and-Gone? (1 of 2)

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

"Have you ever been driving for miles without taking the time to fuel up?"

I have. I did it last week. It's so important to stop, refuel and check our levels or else we might burn out.

Starting our days/weeks with some get-go prep can refuel us for what's ahead each day, week or month.

Going with the car analogy, I've come up with a memorable, catchy and very applicable acronym:


I'll give you this model in two posts, in this post I'll go through GEAR, and in the next post I'll break down UP.

G is for Get-up

Get-up even when we don't feel like it. Getting up is the toughest part yet this is the crucial part. To get from where we are to where we want to be, we have to move. And unless we're online entrepreneurs and we can work from our beds, my dream haha, we have to get out of bed to get to work or pursue our vocations.

E is for Exercise

Once we're up, exercising will help get the engine going: our mind and our body. Anything from cardio to stretching to mindfulness is exercising. Anything that moves us from dormant to movement. A friend of mine suggested doing star jumps (as soon as I get out of bed) and if that works, why not? I prefer a gentler start through some restorative exercise (a mixture of breathing and posture exercises) to work on some niggles I've got in my body and loosen up.

A is for Aspire

Having warmed up the body. It's time to fire up the heart, where our desires are. Aspire is about being and doing more than you think you can be. Reading, listening and talking to someone or something that drives us towards being more than we think we can be or doing more than we think we can do. It could be a positive affirmation statement, a blog post (like this) or a quote. I have a good luck card from my SO and another from an aunt on top of my wardrobe with an encouraging message about starting my new job, it affirms me.

R is for Review

Reviewing is about reminding yourself of what you want in life. Once we feel uplifted, direct that aspiration towards something general or specific to you. Do you have any work or relationships goals written down somewhere (explicitly or in a fashion)? Do you have a vision of where you want to be in the next 5, 10 or 15 years? Or do you have any pictures that help you visualise your goals and future? I've got a summary of my life vision, printed out in bullet points, stuck to my bookcase near my bed. And I've got my life goals stored on my smartphone.

UP to come!

For now, I encourage you to get in GEAR.

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