• Oliver Taylor

Has Your Get-Up-and-Go Got-Up-and-Gone? (2 of 2)

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

Found your GEAR yet? If not, read my first post here.

As mentioned, here is the second and final part of my GEAR-UP acronym: UP.

So hopefully, you're out of your bed, you've exercised, you're feeling aspired, and you've reviewed your goals. Next, it's time for some:


Get some nutritional uptake. Some food. Some drink. Something you love and something that loves you. Eating right puts me in a better mood and less hungry over the next few hours. Following that, it's time to:


It helps me get my day started to have some structure to it before I set out. It helps to guide and focus me. It's simple, write a list (on your smartphone) of the main activities in your day. Also, mentally preparing through meditation, visualisation and positive affirmations, just before work helps. I do this by Taking a few deep breaths in and out.

Visualising myself taking each step to make the best flat white I can.

Murmuring or roaring (if you're in a comfortable situation) some positive words like, "I can do this." As a Christian, I sometimes say, "I am invigorated for every task at work today, I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."

Ultimately, I hope all, if not some (using it all isn't essential for effectiveness) of my GEAR-UP experiment helps you in your mornings (or at any time throughout the day).

I also encourage you to make your own.

As always, I'm here to en-,


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