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A Mindfulness Series (Introvert Special): Exploring an Alternate Reality

We head into the fauna and flora, which makes up the periphery of a thick forest not far from a mountaintop. While we inhabit the trees we mindfully sink into the breath of mountain air and the sway of trees and climb the mountain.

As we climb, we long, as we often do, what if… we could leave reality, go to another reality, stay as long as we wish and return whenever we want without time elapsing? Introvert-ideal.

"It’s an ideal and immediate solution to stress."

What is this alternate reality? It’s a REAL break from REAL-ity as we know it. Absent, entirely away from reality. Awaaaay. To breathe.

I liken it sleep, though sleep is in real time. No decisions or needs to be made during sleep. Rest has a length, a limit though. This other rest like reality has no limit.

It’s an ideal and immediate solution to stress. We leave our thoughts and feelings as we burst out of the trees, entering the mountaintop, stepping off and take automatic flight through infinite time.

A real and mindful stepping off point.

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