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Permission to Release your Inner Killmonger

Disclaimer: this is not a hate post because some of my peoples are white. My step dad (Ukrainian Brit) and my partner (Polish Brit) are both white, Dulux pure white, in fact at least 40% of my family. Let's face it Killmonger from the new Black Panther movie with leads Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira, manifests the inner frustrations many PoC can sometimes (all the time) feel at the past and present injustices against them. That many white people still benefit from through structural racism that maintains their white privilege. And that was on the big screen seen by millions and making billions. I couldn't resist sharing other creative works that offer an outlet for frustration. Here are a couple of quotes that have articulated exactly what I've been feeling. One from James Baldwin's book Notes of a Native Son. The other from a film, Step Sisters written by Chuck Howard. Are you ready for the hate? "Father (L Warren Young): you do realise that you're mayflower Lilly white? Dane (Matt McGorry): Yes, and I hate they I'm lumped in with my brutal, imperialist, plutocratic white brethren, who have committed every modern atrocity on a macro-level." - Step Sisters And.. "And there is, I should think, no negro living in America who had not felt briefly or for long periods, with anguish sharp or dull, in varying degrees and to varying effects, simple, naked and unanswerable hatred: who has not wanted to smash any white face he may encounter in a day... to break the bodies of all white people and bring them low, as low as that dust into which he himself had been and is being trampled." - Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin Not allowed to say that? Obviously they didn't care. #WAKANDAFOREVER

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