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Pineapple Pride

I injured my right hand (two fingers) after saving my son from a near-fall and now I'm temporarily impaired.

And, I'm hungry... for pineapple. My SO, Edyta is too. So what to do? We could go for option one, let me do it and suffer in pain; or option two and get the goto-work-mom to do it (who allegedly has never prepared a pineapple before, in, her, life); or finally option three which is to eat something less appetising.

So I press for option one. Listen to what ensues:

[I've just sat on the sofa and put my feet up, to relax]

ME: "ahh, can you prepare some pineapple for us please?"

Edyta: "hmm," whilst scrunching up her face.

Me: "What's up?" I say in surprise. 

Edyta: "I've never prepared pineapple before (we don't eat exotic fruits where I come from)."

[Mutual laughter].

Me: "from where you come from, you mean from work? Do work-mums now have no idea what to do in the kitchen (that foreign place)!?"

[More mutual laughter].

My SO gets to it and as it turns out, she's pretty competent. Except after preparation, there wasn't much pineapple left to eat, half of it had been mistaken for inedible parts and thrown in the bin.

Don't times and with it roles change? Is it for better or for worse though?

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