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The First Black

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Wondering who and what right? Hearing The First Black X is usually exciting, especially for me identifying as black.

Yet when I read yet another MSN news article announcing "The first black woman to lead the West Point Cadets [US Military]." I was a little less hyped and more deaf eared.

Wait, hold on, why? That's frickin' awesome right? Simone! Well done! I know, I know, yet I still feel little less hyped. Ever since Barack Obama killed the First Black President of the US of A, I'm all hyped out (for years to come). That's the highest office and position of power (arguably nominal and mostly symbolic) in their land! He's climbed the proverbial mountain of success and made it all the way to the top despite the odds! Can't argue with that (though, there may be other non-political mountains to climb).

So? Well, okay, I'm still hyped about Simone. Why after what I've said? Well, because she's black and a woman. As Charlamagne Tha God puts it, the reason why it's such a huge deal when black people succeed is because they're surviving and thriving despite everything that's happened to them in their country. I think the significance of Simone's accomplishment is because she's black and a woman.

Maybe we need to pay more attention to the first black women. Actually, let's go a little further than being the first Black woman, Brown male or Italian trans. I think being the first person (regardless of race or gender, beyond the white, male hegemony) to have accomplished something first is just as exciting, if not more so!

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