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The Parenting Bonk

Parenting is an exercise in endurance.

Just when I turn a corner, I realise I'm nowhere near the finish line.

Or I'm heading uphill and it's levelling out, but wait... there's even more... hill! More hill!! How dare you nature [Hill creator]!!!

It's wearing, really wearing.

"If we don't climb the mountain we can't see the view [right?]"

This reminds me of the bonk aka  the wall, which can be defined as:

a condition of sudden fatigue and loss of energy which is caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles.

That's physical bonking, what about parenting (as a physical and psychological exercise, which it feels like most of the time)?

Aren't there times when a shortcut would be much more appealing?

I don't know what a parenting short-cut is, I just googled "parenting shortcuts," and listed is:

"Give yourself a minute or two to regroup" - parenting.com

I actually do that. Literally, I drop everything, sit down, usually in the kitchen and breathe. Yet, I often resist, push through the bonk, when maybe I need to have a rest to refuel.

Usually though, when I'm bonking, if I can, I'll pass the baton to mum.

And we both end up carrying it because mum's tired (maybe mum's finished work, got home, needs a breather) and I feel like I wanna hang with her and catch-up.

What do we do, fathers in particular, when we bonk?

Ask yourself is it really a proverbial bonk?

I feel like we judge it as a bonk or a crisis. I say am I really doing this again e.g. washing up again, tidying up again, changing the nappy again and again and again...

Maybe, the more we do it the easier it gets. The more confident we become, the more we build self-efficacy and the deeper our understanding becomes of what more mums traditionally endured or many still endure as she functioned as the solo homemaker.

And if the mums can do it, why can't dads? And make our contribution equal to (and maybe sometimes surpass that of) mums.

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