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We Need Each Other

Here's the deal: we can't live without some kind of relationship and the requisite communication. Whether we like it or not. We can't.

Think about it. How long can we go without communicating with another human being?

A day, maybe a week (if you've got food in the house).

Literally, we have to (even if we don't want to) communicate with another human being.

It's impossible not to, whether that human being is a parent, our SO, child, doctor, postman, person on the phone, neighbour or a person online.

Admittedly though, we can go shopping for food without communicating. Msibky thanks to self-service checkout technology that makes not communicating possible (unless you count talking back at an automated voice self-service machines as communicating - let me know in the comments - which I do all the time, I even say thank you).

And what I mean by communicating is anything that involves two human beings interacting online or offline e.g social media or texting.

We can't live without each other and without communicating, after all, what are we doing now, eh?

As a father, my son literally couldn't exist (for long) without me (and his mum). He's totally dependent on me. I feed him. I wash him. I clothe him.

Thinking broader, we could even go as far as to say most of our social problems stem from our inability to relate to each other (well).

And relationships are like experiences, aren't they? We can't abstain from experiencing things. We can't remove ourselves from it (if only I could occasionally).

Life is an experience...

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