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What Do You Get if You Cross...

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

... an Irishman, Englishman, Maltese, and a Kenyan? Me. A Hybrid. My personal favourite is Afro-Saxon or Anglo-African.

What do you get if you cross that with Polish and German? My son! The hybrid's hybrid. Does that mean anything though? Does it make a difference to the known universe? I think it does. If only in the minds of the hybrid. I know, because I am one.

We hybrids. Whom are mix-d* can feel very unique. Speaking for myself. I'm brown. Not black. Not white. I have soya latte-ish coloured skin.

Cool eh? I think so! I think, we hybrids can fairly fluently intermingle amongst various ethnic groups. 

How? Black people don't call us black and white people don't think we're black either. Making us less definable.

Like a UFO in controlled airspace. We can get away with it 'cause nobody quite knows what we are. Conjuring more fascination than fear. Flying from one nation to another. Going from one ethnic group to the next.

So we have features of both. Making us somewhat identifiable with different ethnic groups. So I can feel 'blackish' within my brown skin, broadish nose, thick lips and black hair. And I can feel white-ish with my straighter hair and lighter skin.

A co-worker at Nando's (where I used to work) said to me, "you more white than me," and he was white. Perplexed, I laughed.

Maybe growing up in a white community has meant (unconsciously) carrying myself in more of a white fashion than a black fashion (I think that's what he was getting at).

Whilst in the Philippines, plenty of native folks thought I was Filipino because I looked Filipino. 

I recall at school I was friends with 1 out of the 2 non-whites students in my whole year. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. One was in my form the other was in a different form and I rarely saw him until year 10 maths.

Those are just our physical characteristics, what about our national backgrounds and cultural backgrounds like language? If I meet an Irish person I could say I'm Irish because my grandmother is. Or Kenyan because my grandfather is. Or English because my other Grandmother is. As my son is learning to speak Polish (his mum's Polish), he can practically say he's not English. He'll hopefully more closely identify with his Polish cultural heritage.

Being a hybrid, our very existence is making the world a more complex place.

Figuring out our place in it can be complicated adventure!

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