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Who Are They?

We sometimes use the pronoun "they" when referring to a seemingly ominous group, business, government or organisation.

For example, we'll say "they're making a real mess of my route to work, what an inconvenience to me," when we're late for work every day this week because we haven't accounted for the road works by setting off earlier or taking a detour.

It's amusing, is it not?

Why "they?" As if it's a "us VS them" thing.

I think it's strange (though I say it too).

I get why we do it, it makes us feel better.

Our local council with their plans for better transport links aren't against or out to get us.

Yet, we continue to moan.

The local authorities are made up of members of the public, like us. We're all people. We're all members of the public.

Members of the local authority aren't immune to the delays caused by roadworks on their way to work.

There are things we can do nothing about. Such as where the roadworks are carried out in our city.

And there are things we can do something about. We can accept and respond to what's happening in our local community. Maybe we can take a different route to our workplace or school; or a maybe we can use a different method of transportation e.g. park and ride, walk or cycle.

I'll probably continue to use "they", though at least I'm a little more self-aware; I hope you are too.

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