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Who's Clip?

Something interesting happened.

I was walking through a nearby park with my son. A lady in her early 40s passes us by, having spotted my mimm clip and says "why do they call it a mummy clip?"

"What about dad clips?" she goes on, "They should be called parent clips."

"I agree," I said.

I do agree.

When I searched for daddy clips in Google I get tie clips and money clips. No daddy clips.

"The Mummy Clip has made shopping easier for mums across the globe!" A headline taken from a shopping site.

Again, the question, "what about dads?"

Now, I will confess I've used the clip a few times, though perhaps I'd use it more if it weren't called a 'mummy clip'.

Were it called a daddy clip, daddy may use it more.

Anyway, it got me thinking about all the baby products and services with mum, mummy or something motherly attached to them. Some examples, are Mumsnet and Mother and Baby magazine. An acquaintance said what happened to Dadsnet (and I could add father and baby mag)?

The stuff that could be used by dad yet it's assumed that dad wouldn't use it so we don't bother calling it a parent clip.

Daddy was actually shopping today, he was food shopping with mummy's clip. I haven't refused to use it and boycotting mummy clips, not yet anyway.

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